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How do I write an essay in an exam?

In order to write a good essay, quite a few things are important:

Good Grammar

Satisfactory Level of Specific Vocabulary

Confidence in the Language Skills

Command over Linguistic Devices

Knowledge of Strong Text-Structure

Since developing a command over the first few skills requires the application of several different techniques over the long term, this answer would merely focus on the last one i.e. the knowledge of strong text-structure

The essay is primarily divided into three parts: the introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. It’s important to understand the requirements of these main parts; however, at the same time one must have the knowledge of the sub-parts as well (the parts within the main parts).

The introduction provides the background to the main title of the essay while guiding the reader toward the main academic question/problem that the writer would mainly be dealing with through the text. Such academic question/problem should be precisely laid out in the form of the thesis statement/claim, that tells what the writer would be exactly talking about/arguing for in the rest of the essay. So, the introduction being the main part has sub-parts like background and claim.

The body paragraphs exist to make sub-arguments to support the main argument put forward through the thesis statement/claim. Each paragraph should deal with a different aspect of the main argument. There also exists a particular way in which all these arguments should be made. The body paragraphs should be structured in a very organized manner; following the PEEL structure should help in this regard:

P: Mention the point.

E: Add some evidence.

E: Add explanation.

L: Link it back to the main topic.

This last part of the essay sums up whatever the writer has spoken about throughout the entire essay. One should simply bring all the points together to reiterate the main point of the text in this part, without bringing in/introducing any new point.

Once the writer has a good grasp over the structure, he/she should also work on the other elements of writing in order to ensure that impactful texts are produced from his/her pen. Feel free to set up a detailed meeting with us for any more concerns!

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