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How Long Does It Take to Be Fluent in English?

How Long Does It Take to Be Fluent in English?

How long does it really take to master your English communication skills’ is the most asked question of everyone, either they are beginners or at the intermediate level of learning it. Some beginners take a year to be fluent, while some take years. It depends. Nobody is going to count hours or tell you the exact number of days to learn and speak English fluently because everybody’s learning style is different. No matter what your current English level is, what you study, which languages you can speak easily, or what’s your native language, to be fluent in English depends. And today, we will answer your question with solid reasons, like if all say ‘it depends’ then we are going to tell you how, why and what it actually depends on. After knowing this, you will surely be able to calculate your time of becoming fluent in English.

First of all, you need to analyze or work on yourself. Ask a few questions to yourself, note down the answers, then you are good to go, and the questions are:

  1. What is your level of English?
  2. Are you good at reading, writing, or speaking? Or none?
  3. What is your native language? Is it similar to English or not?
  4. Have you ever learned any language before, and how much time does it take?
  5. Where do you study or work? Is English a primary language there?
  6. Do your friends speak English fluently? Or how often do they talk in this language?
  7. Why do you want to become fluent and master it?
  8. How passionate are you about learning English?
  9. What is your targeted fluency level? What is English fluency to you?
  10. How many hours of the day can you invest in learning?

We understand the answer to these ten questions is quite personal, but if you make an answer sheet honestly, achieving your English fluency goals will become easier.

You may use to think that people say ‘it depends’ to avoid having real conversations or they don’t have the right answers. But that’s not always the case. Above given are the questions on which the time of becoming fluent depends. The Internet has plenty of free and paid English learning courses or videos that you can utilize to learn at your own pace. You know better how you learn fast and efficiently, like some prefer learning from a master while some become master on their own. See, it also depends. You can take the help of English private or online tutors or join a virtual course.

The Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC) offers an English learning course. Here is what their English Innovation Coordinator, Carmen G. Luciano, has to say about the timeframe of learning and achieving fluency.

The English Innovation Program is a free program offered at Florida Immigrant Coalition. The curriculum is designed to help students gain basic language skills, develop digital literacy, and learn essential vocabulary to communicate in their everyday lives. It also focuses on civics education with workforce preparation activities. The program offers two levels, Level I covers basic to high beginners lessons, and Level II covers low intermediate to advanced lessons. Each level is a 12-week student commitment program.

Prior to attending class, a pre-test is administered that measures the listening comprehension, language complexity, and communication levels of the student. The final report will recommend which level the student should be assigned to. Prior to graduation, the student will be administered a post-test. The results of the pre-test and post-test will be compared and will provide the students with advanced levels during their 12-week program. The student’s ultimate success is determined by the commitment to the 12-week program of classroom hours, outside student lessons, and classroom participation. The students are assigned an interactive English platform that will provide them with the assigned student lessons to complete. The class is virtual, and they are 1 ½ hour long, each twice a week.

Most of you ask the wrong question, like how long does it take to be fluent in English, when you should be asking if learning English for hours is worth the time? Everybody has a busy schedule and things planned for each day, and the real question is whether managing time or taking time to work on language fluency is worth the struggle or not?

Whether you are taking the help of a private English tutor or short courses, you need to manage your daily to-do tasks and time first. Your way of taking time will technically let you know how much learning its fluency is worth for you.

Here are two main facts of English language to encourage your learning:

  • English is an international language. It is spoken globally. If you know how to talk in English, you can travel anywhere, start a new life in any country, and communicate with people. So, if you are fond of traveling, learn English; it will help you order a meal without any hesitation.
  • Most workplaces use the English language, and having a fluent command of this language means having great chances of working anywhere. With excellent English communication skills and fluency, you will have plenty of work opportunities.

Let us state some straight facts about learning English. Taking the help of a mentor or signing in to a short course will not make you a fluent English speaker in a specific period. You can’t become fluent or an experienced person overnight or all of a sudden. Learning English is a lifelong process, and it requires daily practice and consistency. Not to discourage you but to achieve a complete command of English or any other language is like working your brain out. To keep yourself young, fit, and beautiful, you work out daily without skipping a day; similarly, your brain needs to work out daily to learn something new.

Each day, you have to learn something new, invest your maximum time, and grow with the passion for improving and becoming better, and then you can reach your desired fluency level. Each level of English language demands a specific number of hours per day. Following is the most common European Framework of the English language:

  • Beginner Level
  • Pre-intermediate Level
  • Intermediate Level
  • Upper-Intermediate Level
  • Advanced Level
  • Proficiency Level

The estimated time to invest on each level is 200 hours to 1200 hours. But again, it depends on your familiarity with English, native language, workplace, or school language and how much time you invest in learning it.

What Else It Takes to Learn English and Become Fluent?

If you have made this far in our blog, it shows you really want to learn English and become fluent in it. Everyone differs, and so do their learning willingness and reasons. Below, we have mentioned a few more facts on which learning and communicating with fluency depends.

1. Motivation of Learning

Your enthusiasm and motivation for learning and improving matter a lot.

2. Daily Practice

Daily practice time and how often you use English in everyday life also count.

3. A Good Budget

This idea is not for all, but if you have a reasonable budget, you should move to any English-Speaking country for work or study purposes because living or growing up in a place where everyone speaks English will help you improve eventually.

So, the answer of how long does it take to be fluent in English is ‘it depends.’ We won’t give you false hope by mentioning a specific time of day, month, or year at the end of the blog. Everyone has their caliber of mastering skills. However, learning the basics of English or any other language takes limited time, but becoming fluent is a long process. And if you take the help of an expert English tutor or teaching platform, it will be worth your time and hard work.

Hopefully, you have got all your answers, so stop wasting any more time and start now. Because the sooner you start, the sooner you will become fluent.

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