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Progressive English School Review

Progressive English School Review

With more than 1.4 million, Sharjah has around 38 private schools that provide high-quality education with competent teachers and an advanced syllabus. Sharjah has a lot to offer to its students that polish their skills and turn them into intelligent beings. Today, we will give detailed information about a 40-year-old school in Sharjah with the school’s review and complete fee structure. So, please stick with us and know everything about Progressive English School, Sharjah.

It’s tough for a parent to choose the best school for their child when they have so many options to select. Nowadays, every answer is a click away, either right or wrong. Children can teach themselves without any school or an instructor. So, parents should select a school that follows modern technology for educating their students to keep them up to date with this rapidly changing world. Keep reading the blog and know if Progressive English School of Sharjah is the right choice for your child or not.

About Progressive English School

Progressive High School, based in Sharjah, was established in 1981. It was a small initiative back then, but now it has more than 2500 students, 135 total teachers, and other staff members. Dr. A. S. Judson, the managing director, and chairman, is known for his hard work. He is an entrepreneur with a great passion for education and schooling. And this school has several competent directors and principals, whose collective hard work made this institute the only school of Sharjah affiliated with the council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations in New Delhi, India.

Progressive English School, Sharjah, has fulfilled the meaning of its primary goal. Its students, academic and non-academic staff fully represent the meaning of ‘global village’ as pupils from more than 17 countries are part of this school.

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Vision and Mission of PES

The vision and mission of the Progress English School (PES) is to expand wisdom in the form of knowledge and understanding across the globe. PES brings out the best in its pupils and polishes their skills so that they turn into self-motivated, lifelong learners, competent and intellectual beings, ready to make a name in the world.

School Curriculum

Progressive English School follows the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) curriculum and prepares its students for the ISC and ICSE examinations. The school years are from KG 1 to class 12. PES follows the learn while you play method for kindergarten years and teaches English, Mathematics, General Knowledge, Drawing, and Environmental Studies. In Primary years, this school focuses on the entire essential subject and optional second language classes and Arabic. Prior years are from Class 1 to Class 5, and the students can choose from Urdu, Bengali, Hindi, Telugu, and Malayalam languages.

During secondary years of academics, teachers prepare the students for senior secondary years and develop a deeper understanding of all the subjects like Arabic, Mathematics, English, Computer, UAE Social Studies, Language and Literature, Chemistry, Physics, Biology Civics, Geography, History. Students have to select their second language from Urdu, Bengali, Malayalam, French, and Hindi. And in the senior secondary years of education, students can choose subjects from the Science and Commerce stream depending on the career they want to pursue in the future.

All the academic years of Progressive English School held assessment and end exams throughout the year, and teachers are fully informed about the results side by side.

Facilities in Progressive English School

Progressive English School provides all the high-tech and essential facilities to its students that ensure the quality of education your child will gain from here. The school has its store, which sells school uniforms, stationery items, textbooks, and notebooks at reasonable rates. PES canteen serves hygienic drinks and snacks that you do not have to worry about the quality of food your child eats at school. Laboratories of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics have the latest tools and technology to fulfill the needs of students from class 6 to class 12. Moreover, PES has an extensive computer lab built to educate classes 1 to onwards about Computer Sciences. And the students of each age have access to the school library, from where they can retain and borrow books for two weeks. Also, the Progressive English Library has all the reference books and other reading material for the student’s assignments, help, and exposure.

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Transport Facility

Suppose you are working parents and looking for a school with a transport service. Then you should check out the Progressive English School because it offers a safe and secure transport facility for its students with limited seats and busses points. Parents have to pay the transport fees for 10 months and are not allowed to withdraw them. Furthermore, you can check its website or visit the school to learn more about the transport services.

Extracurricular Activities

Progressive English School, Sharjah, has a motto ‘sports – for – all’ for its sports area. The school’s sports and game teachers are trained to work on each grade student’s physical and mental growth and development. Besides sports, PES arrange different events and healthy competitions among students like flower arrangements, drawing, debate, quizzing, elocution, and other science and art exhibitions. The students of PES have successfully won competitions and prizes in different country levels and inter-school competitions.

Progressive English School Fee structure

All students have to pass the admission test and show the previous school academic result and transfer certificate if they are coming from any other school. However, the entrance test is mandatory for all. And if students are from other countries, they have to submit attested copies of documents mentioned on their website to get admission. And the Progressive English School, Sharjah fee structure is given below.

Note that the PES has an annual medical fee and extracurricular activities of around AED 350.


Grades / ClassMonthly fee
KG 1 – KG 2DHS 350 Per month
CLASS 1 – CLASS 5DHS 370 Per month
CLASS 6 – CLASS 9DHS 500 Per month
CLASS 10 – CLASS 12DHS 610 Per month

Progressive English School vs. other Private Schools in Sharjah

In this blog section, we have compared the Progressive English School with other schools in Sharjah. The comparison guides the parents about the parameters they should compare while looking for a school for their kids.

Parameters Progressive English School, SharjahAl Amana Private School, SharjahAustralian International School , Sharjah
Year of Origin198120042005
Grades KG 1 to Class 12FS 1 to Year 11ELC to Grade 12
CurriculumCISCEIGCSE, UK EYFSAustralian
Student BodyMixedMixedMixed
Annual FeesAED 3,500 to 6,100AED 9,000 to 13,000AED 36,700 to 66,300
Leadership Mrs. Ishrat Yasin Mudolkar(Principal)Mrs. Roshan Ahsan(Principal)Mr. Steve McLuckie(Principal)
Website Link


The working hours of Progressive English School, Sharjah, are in the Morning, and it has almost 135 competent teachers that educate around 2500 students daily. Staff, teachers, and students are from different countries and religions, so the school uses the English language for basic instructions. Overall, the students to teachers ratio of this school is 18:1. The alumni and the parents of the students still reading in PES have reviewed this school as one of the cheapest schools among CISCE curriculum schools. Excluding the pros and cons of the whole system, the school and its teacher’s friendly attitude and dedication have made the PES one of the best schools in Sharjah. Parents are pretty happy and satisfied to see the positive changes in their children’s behavior, academic results, mental and physical fitness. And they are full of hope for their kid and school’s progress.

School contact details

Phone No:+971 65672234
Address:Al Salamah Bin Abed Asad Street, Al Yarmook –Sharjah – United Arab Emirates
Open Hours:Sun to Thu: 8 AM — 2 PM

Finally …

Here we bring to an end the Progressive English School’s information and review that you were looking for. We hope that you must be satisfied with the information we have gathered for you all. And if you want to read more reviews about schools in Sharjah or Dubai, head to our review blogs and read them all.

We are looking forward to seeing you choosing the best school for your child.

Fingers crossed!

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