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Top French Schools in Dubai, UAE

Top French Schools in Dubai, UAE
Dubai is home to thousands of people. It is one of the largest cities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Many of these people belong to different countries and communities and are now settled in Dubai. As the people of Sharjah belong to different communities, almost every culture is practiced there. The total population of Dubai, UAE, as of 2019 was 3.331 million. The number must have only gone up after 2019. According to a source, more than 30,000 French nationals are residing in the United Arab Emirates.
All kinds of institutes are situated in Dubai. Every parent dreams to give the child education of their own culture. To educate children and make them learn their culture, parents search for the best schools and home tutoring in Dubai. Hence, to help French people living in Dubai, the following is a list of some top French schools situated in Dubai, UAE. These schools rank among the best schools in Dubai. Schools following all kinds of curriculums can be found in Dubai.
Now, here is a list of the top best French schools in Dubai.

1. Lycée Francais International (LFI)

The Lycée Francais International School is a part of AFLEC. This school was established in the year 2006, located near Al Nasr Sports Club. PSA campus has separate sections for girls and boys. More than 2000 students can be accommodated on the campus of Lycée Francais International, Dubai. The students with special educational needs are given extra attention by highly qualified teachers. The French Curriculum provides a broad learning experience. Lycée Francais International School was rated ‘Very Good’ and also outshines the teaching skills of French, English, Mathematics, and Arabic.
The school has a wide educational approach and a maintained, disciplined environment and believes in making students who can self-evaluate and have strong communication skills. They have 150+ teachers all with appropriate teaching qualifications and high degrees. Students can take admission in any class from KG 1 to Grade 12 provides Co-education. Lycée Francais International is one of the best French schools in Dubai. School is open from Sunday to Thursday.
Contact Details
Phone Number: +971-4-336-8552 | +971-4-379-5002
Address: OUD Metha, Near Al Nasr Sports Club – Dubai United Arab Emirates (UAE)
PO Box: 22626 Dubai United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Fees: 26950 AED – 56950 AED (average annual fees)

2. Lycée Francais Georges Pompidou Ecole primaire Dubai

Lycée Georges Pompidou Ecole primaire Dubai is located in Dubai International Academic City and the other campus is located in Oud Metha. This private school provides education for both girls and boys, ages ranging from 11 to 18 years. It is approved by the French Ministry of National Education. The curriculum also includes Arabic and Islamic Studies making it ideal for the parents who want their children to get to know the religion better. The communicative language of the institute is French.
The school has two main campuses with around 2200 students. It started in 2013, allowing minimum students at a time. LGPE is a co-ed school. Students can be admitted to any class from KG to College. School is open from Sunday to Thursday. The timings of school are from 7:30 am – 5:00 pm.
Contact Details
Phone Number: +971-4-326-0211 | +971-4-337-4161
Fee structure: 29,670 – 48,090 AED approximately depending on the standard.
Address: Academic City Dubai, United Arab Emirates | Oud Metha, Dubai
Director: M. Jean Philippe Favre

3. International Concept Education, Dubai.

Established in the year 2013, International Concept Education, Dubai is one of the best French schools in Dubai, UAE. International Concept Education follows the guidelines of the French national curriculum and is accredited by the French Ministry of education. The International Baccalaureate Organization has approved International Concept Education for endorsement to provide the Primary Years Programme. It is a co-ed school providing life learning skills with a very responsible staff of around 45.
The curriculum includes the teaching of English and skillful contentment towards the French language in both reading and writing. This institute provides education to students from different backgrounds. Students are introduced to great facilities and opportunities like basketball, chess, mixed material arts, soccer, gymnastic, and many other clubs for co-curricular activities. The timings are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The institute is open every week from Sunday to Thursday.
Contact Details
Phone Number: +97143377818
Email ID:
Fees: 45,000 – 77,000 AED
Address: Al Meydan Road Nad Al Sheba 1, near Meydan Hotel– Dubai United Arab Emirates (UAE)

4. Lycee Libanais Franco Private School, Dubai

Lycee Libanais Franco Private School according to the United Arab Emirates law was recognized in the year 2003. It is considered one of the top French schools in Dubai. This school offers education for both girls and boys and is affiliated with the National Diploma of French Brevet and the French General Baccalaureate. Lycee Libanais Franco Private school guarantees to provide its students moral and intellectual training for different phases of life along with French language skills. Lycée Libanais Francophone private high school is one of the best French schools in Dubai. The school is relatively new as compared to other schools. The school has now students from all nationalities living in Dubai especially the French community. It provides all-inclusive education with variety and critical thinking with up to the mark academic results.
The students are taught English, Arabic, and French, both spoken and written. Students can take admission in any class from KG to Grade 12. Students admitted to LLFP come from different nationalities and backgrounds. The vision of this school is to broaden the aura of students for leading an effective and efficient life. The School is open from Sunday to Thursday. Timings are from 7:40 am to 3:30 pm.
Contact Details
Phone Number: +971 4 264 0800
Email ID:
Address: Street # 76, Muhaisnah 4. Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
P.O. Box 28759 – United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Fee structure: 24,622 – 52,765 AED Approximately.

5. Lycée Francais International Prive de Dubai.

Lycée Francais International School, Dubai was found in 2002 and is rated ‘Good’ by KHDA for 9 years. The well-known French international school in Dubai. It has a strength of around 2,300 ranging from 3 years to 18 years. Students studying there are from different nationalities, not all are French speakers. There are around 150 faculty members and a low capacity of students in every class. This ratio makes it easier for every student to gain proper and equal attention. Many Co-curricular activities are also introduced along with spectacular academic experiences. Students can take admission in any class from KG to Grade 12. The school opens from Sunday to Thursday.
Contact Details
Phone Number: +971 4 396 0607
Fee Structure: 26,922 – 56,936 AED
Address: Oud Metha Road – Oud Metha Dubai – United Arab Emirates (UAE)

There are several other French schools in Dubai. The ones listed above are some of the best. Do your diligent research before choosing a French school in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Schools play a very vital role in the development of a child. It forms the basis of the education, manners, and ethics of a student. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that one selects the best schools in town for their child.

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