How to Write an About Myself Essay With Example

How to Write an About Myself Essay With Example
A self introduction essay is something that everyone has to write once or multiple times in their life. You may have to write it as part of a school assignment or a final exam. Or you may need to come up with a “composition about myself” during your career to explain your qualifications, abilities, skills, and ambitions. The essay can be a part of a personal statement, statement of purpose, or a cover letter for a job interview, university admission, or self-appraisal for advancement opportunities. Learning how to write a few paragraphs about myself can increase your chances of landing a spot in a reputable university or receiving a job interview or promotion.

Getting Started

Writing about yourself has to be one of the easiest tasks ever because everyone is different and it should be easy to just discuss your attributes, right? However, most people struggle the most when they are told to say or write a few paragraphs about themselves. It is important to master this skill because it enables you to put your best foot forward and make an everlasting impression on people. Stick to the basics, introduce yourself, your hobbies, and what you do. Stay focused. Writing about yourself can also help you get to know yourself better. Thus, you won’t lose interest when discussing yourself in an essay.

There are many situations where you may have to formally introduce yourself in writing. Therefore, in this article, we have covered the situations where you need to introduce yourself, how to do it correctly and confidently and we have also provided an example for you for guidance. So, let’s get started:

When You May Have to Write About Yourself?

Apart from the obvious situations such as a personal statement or self-appraisals, there are other circumstances as well for which you may be required to write an essay about myself. These circumstances can include the following:

  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Internship inquiry letters
  • Biographies
  • Graduate school applications
  • Cover letters
  • Resumes
  • Grant proposals
When talking and writing about your life, you must consider your skills and strengths, and map them out to help you write about yourself with confidence in different situations if you are writing an autobiography or a similar sort of “About Me” essay, it is the standard rule to either write in the third-person or use the first-person narrative. On the other hand, for personal statements and cover letters, it is advised to go for the first-person narrative.

How to Write an Essay About Myself?

You can follow the given simple steps to write an essay about yourself:

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Make sure to include your most important professional experience.
  • Talk about significant awards or personal achievements.
  • Introduce details about your personal life.
  • Use a friendly and casual tone unless stated otherwise. 

What Else Do You Need to Include in Your Self Introduction Essay? 

You know yourself the best. People around you have different things to say about you, but you know the best about what you want to write. Everyone finds their mission in life at their own pace through a different journey. Thus, when you write about yourself, write about your journey and the things that make you the person you are. You can also write about:

  • The things you want to learn.
  • Your aspirations and dreams.
  • The things you are good at.
  • Your hobbies.

A Sample About Myself Essay

Three major aspects characterize my existence; my social life, my intellect, and my spiritual doctrines, and my social life. The intellectual part of my life comprises my studies, my artistic creativity, extra-curricular activities, my intellectual capabilities, and basically my life pursuits. My social circle is quite exciting which makes my social life quite uplifting and vibrant. I am a social butterfly and a very outgoing person. I always make it a habit to meet new people and make friends with them. My faith and spiritual doctrines inform the different decisions I make in my life and consequently guide who I have become as a person today.
My name is (add your first and last name). I hail from a city called (add your city here). I am (insert your age here) and I study in (add your grade here). I live with my loving parents and siblings and I attend (mention the name of your school) with my brothers and sisters. I love going to school because I have such great friends there and the most loving teachers as well who have always been my support system. My dad is a physician and my mother is a housewife. They have always been present in my life.
No one can reach the stage in life where I stand at the moment, without the unwavering support of family and friends. In fact, everything I have achieved in my life is because of my parents and my siblings. As I have mentioned before, my father is a doctor and he is a very respectable part of our community. My mother looks after the home. They both love their roles very much and that is exactly what I have learned from my parents. That is, no matter what you do in life, do it with sincerity and dedication.
We are four brothers and sisters and I am the eldest. Being in that position of authority, I am the most responsible and in charge of looking after my brothers and sisters and taking care of them. Reading is my hobby and I spend most of my time reading novels and storybooks. Plus, I have a keen interest in classical architecture. Other than that, I also try to take part in games and sometimes I go out to play football with my friends. I have been the top scorer many times, in fact.
I don’t have much interest in playing online games. I value my time and rarely use my computer to indulge in games. Instead, I spend my time with my friends who help me prioritize my life in discipline. I love time management and I have learned it from my father. He is my true inspiration and it has been my ambition to serve my community just the way he does.
My parents have also taught me that time is a priceless commodity and I should try my best to not waste anyone’s time. Throughout my life, I have learned the importance of time and have developed a sound strategy, time management skills, and clear-cut goals.
My life has always been full of achievements and experiments. I have succeeded one too many times in life but I have failed a lot of times as well. My failures have taught me to get up and rise above my problems and try again. I continue to work hard for my own betterment and become the best version of myself. Even though no one can be described in just a few sentences, I have done my best to write something meaningful about myself and my life. And that is what my life is all about – a mixture of meaningful achievements and struggles.


Now that you know how to write an essay about yourself, what aspects of your life to include in it, and what kind of stuff to exclude from it, are you ready to write something about your life? If not, then we advise you to keep practicing. Brainstorm ideas and jot them down in the form of an outline. And if you are more than ready to write some paragraphs about yourself, then what are you waiting for?

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