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Computer Science tutors in the UAE teach algorithms, IoT, hardware, software, programming, and anything related to computers. Computer science tutoring helps students in learning the subject, improving their performance, and planning lessons that will help the student achieve their goals. Attain success in computer science by taking online or in-home lessons. Students also have a choice to study with peers in small groups. You can trust our computer science tutors because they have relevant degrees and years of expertise. For the best academic results, these subject-matter experts plan their lessons based on students. For more information, check the schedule and student’s feedback on our MTS tutors.

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Jenna Forrest
Jenna Forrest
Female 28 Years
2 years of teaching
Expert in Computer science, Dept : Dept of Computer Science.
Qualification : Mphil in Bioinformatics

Mphil in Bioinformatics


I'm proud to say that my pupils have consistently achieved academic success by taking my guidance and assistance. I'm committed to supporting each of my pupils to overcome their challenges and gain their academic goals. I build strong, uplifting relationships with my students. I create an environment of mutual respect and trust. By helping them build confidence and a joy for learning, their academic and professional careers get positively influenced.

Tutoring Approach

I am a highly trustworthy, diligent, and invested tutor with an enthusiasm for guiding pupils. With my open-mindedness and appreciation for different customs, values, and traditions, I develop an inclusive learning environment where pupils feel comfortable.Being a patient and kind tutor, I adopt a supportive approach to problem-solving. I  work closely with students to know their strengths and weaknesses. Afterwards, I adjust my teaching to their needs and preferences. My lessons are timely and efficient, making sure that each session is productive for their learning potential


Jenna has been an excellent teacher thus far and she made me capable of achieving huge progress. She is smart and patient. Always eager to answer my questions and making sure I genuinely understood my subject. Thank you so much!!


Miss Jenna is a great tutor. I have been studying with her on weekends and she has guided me to have a better understanding of coding topics I learn in my university. Definitely recommend Jenna for anyone who has a computer science subject in their university.

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