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Amir Farid
Amir Farid
Male 34 Years
11 years of teaching
Expert in Economics, Dept : Dept Of Economics.
Qualification : MBA Finance and Economics

MBA Finance and Economics


I am a professional tutor with 11 years of experience in the respective field, and an MBA degree in Finance and Economics. I can teach economics to A-Level, AS Level, and GCSE level students. Apart from Economics, I can help students with Business Studies, Accountancy, Statistics, and Finance. I have been giving one-to-one and personalized tutoring sessions for the past 8 years. 

Tutoring Approach

I give personal attention to every student by analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. I try my best to work on their weak areas and make them enjoy and love a dry subject like Economics. I also use strategic and interesting teaching approaches to engage the students in the tutoring sessions. Moreover, my main focus during tutoring sessions is to relate the concepts of economics with real-life scenarios and examples. Not to forget, surprise quizzes and tests are my favourites!


Mr Amir guided me and helped me prepare for my Economics and Stats exams. He has a unique teaching style that helped me take interest in the subjects. Highly recommended.


I hired Amir for my son last to help him prepare for his A-level exams. Amir is extremely professional, dedicated, and humble. He was surely the best choice to teach Economics to my daughter!


Mr Amir started tutoring me in 2021. My grades in Economics have increased since then. He made sure to closely learn about my problems and concerns and tried to minimize them. His friendly nature and teaching style are what make him the best tutor ever!

Zahid Mansoor
Zahid Mansoor
Male 27 Years
5 years of teaching
Expert in Chemistry, Dept : Dept of Chemistry.
Qualification : Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science


I have a Bachelor's Degree in sciences with 5 years of experience in teaching Chemistry and Mathematics to IGCSE levels. After graduating, I started working at a high school teaching General Science to all grades. But now, I give one-on-one tutoring sessions and my main focus is Mathematics and Chemistry. I have 3 years of professional experience working as a private tutor, both physical and online.

Tutoring Approach

Chemistry is known to be a very boring subject, that is why I try to adapt fun and entertaining teaching strategies for the students to enjoy the subject. I give personal attention to every student, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and work on their weak points. Also, I try to remain friendly with the students so that they feel comfortable during the tutoring sessions. Most importantly, I prefer taking frequent practise tests and quizzes to know if students are understanding the stuff or not.


Zahid is a very professional and friendly person. I hired him to teach Math and Chemistry to my daughter and he is doing a great job. I am seeing visible improvement in her grades and she is enjoying both of the subjects.


I can’t thank Mr Zahid enough for how he helped me get good grades in Chemistry. His creative way and strategies of teaching made me develop an interest in the subject. I highly recommend him for private tutoring.!

Javaria Abbasi
Javaria Abbasi
Female 25 Years
2 years of teaching
Expert in Chemistry, Dept : Dept of chemistry at MTS.
Qualification : M.Phil. Chemistry

M.Phil. Chemistry


I have done M.Sc in Inorganic Chemistry and M. Phil in Chemistry after my bachelor's degree. I have many years of teaching experience in English, Chemistry, and Science at a primary and higher level. I am excellent at teaching and helping kids improve their grades and knowledge.

Tutoring Approach

My tutoring approach is inspired by my mentors. Before starting my lessons, I explain the purpose of studying the specific subject, and with the help of my strong academic background, I give tips to students on learning and improving. I make sure my students understand the actual logic of learning science and excel in Chemistry.

Zain Kareem

I am very impressed by the tutoring session of Javeria. She was always on time, well-equipped and gave extra time when needed. She played a significant role in improving my test scores. And I strongly recommend her to anyone looking for the best Chemistry tutor.


My daughter has improved in Chemistry, ever since she started taking lectures with Javaria. She is very kind and talented. I would recommend her to all parents.


Javaria has been very encouraging, and I now feel much more confident for my Higher Chemistry assessment. Truly recommended.

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