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SAT Math tutors in Ras Al Khaimah offer online or home tutoring by male and female professionals. The math section in the Scholastic Assessment Test consists of equations, quadratics, and other questions. Any candidate who is weak in math subject needs a tutor to get a good test score. Lucky for you, MTS offers qualified mentors who have experience in teaching the SAT Math structure. Candidates are taught how to solve all math questions step-by-step in one-on-one sessions. We have mentioned the availability, testimonials, and pricing of our experienced tutors.

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Zain Hossam
Zain Hossam
Male 41 Years
14 years of teaching
Expert in Sat math, Dept : Dept of Math.
Qualification : Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering


My name is Zain Hossam and I’m an online tutor who is great at tutoring math-related courses and subjects. I’ve received numerous awards and certificates on the basis of my tutoring skills. I have a network of over 1,000 successful students whom I’ve tutored in different contexts, mainly in online one-on-one sessions and stationary classes. I’ve experience in tutoring multiple curricula, i.e., IGCSE, SABIS, GCSE, IB, and many others. A major part of my research work has been devoted to integration. Besides tutoring the academic students, I’ve also a wide range of experience in tutoring SAT math candidates. My previous SAT students have scored excellent marks in their exams and most of them are now pursuing their higher education in world-class universities. 

Tutoring Approach

I like to focus more on creating an interactive tutoring environment where students can work independently and use their logical thinking skills to solve problems whilst receiving my full guidance. I don’t believe in spoon-feeding the students, because this traditional technique hinders the conceptual learning of the students and doesn’t allow them to think critically, which is an essential skill required for solving the future unseen math problem. All my tutoring methods are based on the constructivist approach. 


He is a very smart tutor! He provided me with clear explanations. Highly recommended tutor!


I’m so grateful for his help. He took enough time to explain the concepts and always ensured that I was understanding the concepts being taught.


I’m feeling lucky after taking online sessions with Zain! He helped with understanding how the SAT pattern worked and provided me with the necessary tools for succeeding.

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