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A-levels are higher level qualifications that occur in the last two years of secondary education. This two-year course is divided into AS level (year 12) and A2 Levels (year 13). German A-level tutors offer assistance to students for their A-level qualification. German A-level tutoring develops language skills, cultural understanding, and makes students excel in the exam. Students also prepare for their A-level exam. It’s important to have German tutoring if a pupil wants to gain a higher education in German-related fields. It provides targeted support to help students succeed in their language studies and exams.

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Ivan Petrov
Ivan Petrov
Male 43 Years
22 years of teaching
Expert in German, Dept : Dept of German.
Qualification : Ph.D. in Germanic Studies

Ph.D. in Germanic Studies


I have a strong academic background that has given me a thorough understanding of the subject, allowing me to effectively share my knowledge. During my time as a teacher, I've been fortunate to see how students change as they learn German. I have always strived to ensure that the learning process is not only informative but also enjoyable. I think that language is more than just a collection of words. It allows us to explore and appreciate different cultures. I have a lot of experience that allows me to help students become better at language and understand different cultures.

Tutoring Approach

My teaching philosophy is rooted in results-oriented strategies, ensuring that students not only become proficient in German but also develop a deep appreciation for its rich heritage.Additionally, it is crucial to have clear objectives for every lesson. I help students stay focused on their goals by providing guidance and support throughout the process.I prioritise critical thinking in my tutoring approach. I believe it is important for students to think critically and have a strong grasp of language learning.

Sophia R

He maintains close communication with parents and students to ensure that the study plan is suitable and well-suited. My daughter is able to make significant progress through his learning sessions. I am thankful for Ivan’s support in my daughter's studies and I hope this quality learning journey continues for a long time.

Oliver B

He not only provides excellent tutoring sessions, but also takes the time to follow up and support her students outside of the sessions. Thanks to Ivan!

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