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German GCSE tutoring offers help to students for their General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) qualification in the German language. A GCSE German tutor develops language skills, cultural understanding, and makes you succeed in exams. The German GCSE subject brings students closer to the German language, culture, and basic communication skills. The subject focuses on language proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Students also get an understanding of German culture, customs, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. Our tutors present personalized assistance and practice exercises to achieve their fluency in using German for real-life situations. MTS tutors assign conversation practice, listening exercises, reading comprehension, and writing tasks to pupils. They can also offer additional study materials, mock exams, and feedback to enhance students' overall performance.

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Yuriy Fedorov
Yuriy Fedorov
Male 52 Years
15 years of teaching
Expert in German, Dept : Dept of German.
Qualification : PhD in German Language and Literature

PhD in German Language and Literature


I am a native German speaker with a doctorate degree. I taught German in primary school for several years, which included working with individual, small and bigger groups of all ages. After this experience, I decided to pursue a career in teaching German at secondary and tertiary level.

Tutoring Approach

I match my teaching approach according to the needs of each pupil. The key to success is to build each student’s interest and offer them confidence. Helping children with education is my goal. I work with interesting teaching techniques, and not only focusing on strict grammar rules. I also use the language in communication of activities.


Yuriy is a fantastic German tutor. He shows great energy in classes and is very organized. His lessons merge difficult grammar and vocabulary that support speaking and writing.


Yuriy has taught my son GCSE German. I think he’s an excellent and responsible teacher. Students get a lot of materials to refresh their knowledge after lessons.


I had Yuriy to teach me German for GCSE. All sessions with Yuriy were very good and he came with lots of resources. Yuriy helped me gain confidence in German via speaking and understanding grammar and vocabulary.

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