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SAT tutors in Fujairah make candidates succeed in writing, reading, and math problems so that they can do well in the standard test. However, many tutors go beyond the basics to achieve better results. For example, MTS mentors share strategies to solve the test as well as explain the SAT structure. Whether you need a tutor in your home or standard online sessions, both are possible. We take the SAT seriously, and the proof lies in the student-centered approach. Parents can go through the prices, schedules, and reviews of MTS tutors to pick the best teacher for their child.

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Ranjusha JP
Ranjusha JP
Female 26 Years
3 years of teaching
Expert in Sat, Dept : Null.
Qualification : B.A. English Literature

B.A. English Literature


After doing my bachelors in English Literature, I took a training course in SAT. Now, I can teach the English language and prepare SAT candidates.

Tutoring Approach

I will guide you to answer all SAT questions within the allotted time. I also remove all weaknesses in students.

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