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Urdu tutors in Ras Al Khaimah offer online or home tutoring by male and female professionals. Urdu is spoken in some countries and is influenced by many Eastern languages. The right tutor shows students how Urdu is similar to Persian, as well as teaching its grammar. MTS prides itself on having many Urdu tutors who passionately teach the language to students in one-on-one lessons. Go through the prices, schedule, and reviews of MTS tutors to hire one today.

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Lara Hamed
Lara Hamed
Female 27 Years
3 years of teaching
Expert in Urdu, Dept : Dept of Urdu.
Qualification : Bs in Urdu Language and Literature

Bs in Urdu Language and Literature


I am a highly motivated and dynamic Urdu teacher with a strong commitment to helping students achieve academic and professional success. Through personalized instruction and a focus on task-based learning, I strive to help students master the Urdu language skills and score higher in their exams.  With an extensive background in Urdu language and literature, I bring expertise and a wealth of knowledge to my tutoring practice. I’ve served as a lecturer in different international and national language universities where I designed personalized lesson plans for different levels of students and individual tutees.

Tutoring Approach

I use different approaches for tutoring Urdu courses or subjects. Mainly, I use a content-based approach. This approach helps me in integrating language learning with content materials from different other subjects such as history, literature, or social studies. I design lesson plans around a particular topic or theme and provide opportunities for tutees to practice different Urdu skills while learning about the subject matter under focus. I also keep on molding my lesson plans and tutoring approaches according to the learning needs of individual students. 


A very nice tutor! She explained the core grammatical concepts with examples and used different colors for showing me the sentence structure on the digital boards. Her unique tutoring style really helped me in my studies.


I liked her sessions a lot. She is great at tutoring Urdu in online classes. She tutored me with an excellent tutoring style and always ensured that I was understanding the concepts. Highly recommended tutor!


One of the best Urdu tutors! She helped me understand the symbolic meanings of poetry. She also provided me with detailed examples and past paper samples. I highly recommend her.

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