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Business Studies tutors in Umm Al Quwain teach financial concepts, such as accounting, entrepreneurship, and management. Business studies is a broad subject and can only be taught by intelligent teachers who have teaching expertise. MTS tutors perfectly fulfill the criteria. They prepare group and 1-on-1 lessons based on a student’s ptitude. Our teachers also create additional learning resources. Please don’t hesitate to see the pricing, feedback, and schedule of our tutors.

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Divya M.
Divya M.
Female 30 Years
5 years of teaching
Expert in Business studies, Dept : Null.
Qualification : Master's in Business Administration

Master's in Business Administration


I am a professional Business Analyst who loves to teach the subject to all age groups. I am aware of A-level, GCSE, and IB curriculums.

Tutoring Approach

I keep myself updated on the industry’s trends and explain everything while relating it to the real world.

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