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Arabic tutors in Fujairah make use of books, dictionaries, and practice exercises to make their students familiar with the language. Arabic tutors are proficient in a few pronunciations and accents spoken around the world. This is important because more than 30 countries speak this language.

There's good news for Arabic students. MTS Arabic teachers are highly proficient and are used to making students completely familiar with this ancient tongue in the classroom or online lessons. They go from being anxious to speaking like a native. This success is guaranteed due to the student-oriented lessons. Parents can go through the prices, schedules, and reviews of MTS tutors to pick the best teacher for their child. We offer tutoring in one-on-one lessons.

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Khalil Umar
Khalil Umar
Male 31 Years
4 years of teaching
Expert in Arabic, Dept : Dept Of Arabic.
Qualification : MBBS



I’m a medical doctor and I do teaching as my side hobby. I have always been interested in languages. I have 4 years of experience in teaching and learning foreign languages. Currently, I am looking for students or non-native speakers who wish to learn Arabic. 

Tutoring Approach

Our lessons will not just have theory, but the history of the Arabic language and more interesting information! I will help you target and achieve your language goals.

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