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Mandarin tutors in Ajman make their students listen to native speakers, teach pinyin, and motivate them to learn on their own. Since the Chinese language has many characters, tutors allow as much time as needed to be fluent in the basics first. Mandarin may be tough, but our tutors are tougher and are on a mission to give targeted support in one-on-one sessions. Their fluency makes them capable of teaching the language to any student. You may see the availability, student testimonials, and pricing of our tutors.

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Shengnan Chen
Shengnan Chen
Female 36 Years
8 years of teaching
Expert in Mandarin, Dept : Dept of Mandarin.
Qualification : Bachelors degree in mandarin

Bachelors degree in mandarin


Hi, my name is Shengnan. I was born and raised in China for the first half of my life, then I came to America for further education. I have been living here for a long time and I am looking forward to teaching Chinese to non-native speakers.

Tutoring Approach

I can teach complete beginners to people who have some proficiency in the language. I will help you develop the perfect Chinese accent and understand the difficult grammar. Hope to hear from you soon.

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