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Biochemistry tutors in Ajman are adept at teaching nomenclature, basics of the subject, and advanced topics. A good biochemistry tutor uses fun tools in their lessons, such as mnemonics and visual aids. If biochemistry is hard for you, MTS tutors are here to erase your weaknesses via private or group sessions. They will come with a student-based teaching approach and rich knowledge of the subject. You may see the availability, student testimonials, and pricing of our tutors.

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Nimisha Jayant Meshram
Nimisha Jayant Meshram
Female 22 Years
1 years of teaching
Expert in Biochemistry, Dept : Null.
Qualification : BSC in Paramedical Technology

BSC in Paramedical Technology


I am a Radiation Technologist who guides biochemistry and biology students in her free time.

Tutoring Approach

I am a responsible tutor. I make my students responsible towards their studies too.

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